Whether you're targeting small boutiques or large retailers, the essentials on your line sheet remain the same but that doesn't mean there's a one-size-fits-all design that suits every brand. At Linesheets, we take the key elements your line sheet should always include with templates and easy-to-use guidelines that help you whip up gorgeous line sheets faster than you can say "sale!"

How Linesheets Came To Be — AKA The Day Alexis Made Linesheets Make Sense

I'm Alexis Kelly, CEO & Founder Of Linesheets, And I Used To Be Exactly Where You Are Right Now.

Once upon a startup, I launched a jewelry business. As we continued to scale, I began reaching out to retail stores ranging from e-commerce giants like shopbop.com and revolve.com to major department stores such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. I quickly found out that all the buyers wanted a set of line sheets and they wanted them now. I DIY-ed, freelance graphic-designed and everything in between. No matter the solution, one thing was sure: If I wanted a line sheet (and my business depended on it), I was going to spend time, money or both. After creating one too many line sheets, I started looking for a solution, but it didn't exist. So I created one. Linesheets is the tool I didn't know I needed until I went looking for it. It's an all-in-one web app that helps you create custom line sheets using our gorgeous templates. You can edit, tweak and send all from your Linesheets account using your phone or computer. So slash your freelancer budget and opt for Linesheets, the smarter line sheet creation tool. ALEXIS KELLY CEO & Founder

What The Heck is a Linesheet?

All hail the power of Google, but with that knowledge came two realizations: 1. Linesheets are really, really important. 2. I would either need to hire a professional graphic designer at $50/hour (or more) or sign up for an Adobe Pro account and spend my days and nights teaching myself the ins and outs of design. Bootstrapped and ambitious, I opted for the latter.

Here's The Truth:

It takes about 4 hours to outline 15 products. It will cost you about $200 to hire an average freelancer to do the same.
About halfway through my DIY design process (which felt like years later, all the while taking me away from other crucial tasks and leaving my business in the lurch), I knew I could better. The process itself could be better. And, thus, Linesheets was born. We've created a powerful sales tool that transformed a grueling time-suck of a task into an automated utility that cuts your time by 75% (insert trumpets and confetti here) and still churns out an eye-catching, fully functional, dare-we-say gorgeous finished product that does your product line justice and turns buyers' heads. For just $29.99 per month, you get access to a multifaceted tool that delivers everything you need to build an unlimited number of line sheets, empowering you to best tell your company story.

  • Say goodbye to disorganization.
  • Bid confusion a not-so-fond adieu.
  • Linesheets has arrived, and I'm so happy to have you on board.
  • Yours in bold, beautiful content creation,
  • Alexis