How It Works

We get it. You don’t want complicated, you don’t want to spend the next month of your life twiddling with templates that never turn out the way you envisioned, and you certainly don’t want to slow your roll just as your business is taking off.


That’s why we built Linesheets around customizable templates that are as impressive in the looks department as they are useful. Whatever your niche, collection, season, use case or customer, we’ve got a design that’ll take you from “uh oh” to “awesome.” 

Ready for the magic? 

Sync Your Products

A linesheet exists solely to sell your product, so consider this part a super-big deal. Good thing it’s so easy.
You have two options:

• If You DO Have a Website: Connect to your ecommerce store from our Linesheets web app and import your products directly to our platform. OR, export your product spreadsheet (CSV or Excel work brilliantly) from your Shopify/Etsy/Big Commerce/etc. and upload it to our Linesheets web app. Either option works seamlessly.


• If You DON’T Have a Website: Head over to the Sync section and select Manual. Here you upload your products one by one.


Select Which Products

to Feature

Now that you’ve uploaded your catalog, it’s time to choose those products you’d like to feature on the linesheet you’re currently creating. Choose just one, create mini collections or hit the “select all” button to use the whole kit and kaboodle.

Make Your Masterpiece Shine

Here’s where you customize the template, sliding your brand into the spotlight and giving your products the red carpet moment they deserve.

Design your cover page, edit product information, select and play with the format of the linesheet or noodle with the layout. Maybe you want to change how many products are displayed on a page or swap fonts. Craving another opportunity to convey your branding? Try a Company Information page. Even the images are at the mercy of your discerning eye and bubbling creativity.

You can get as detailed as you want — or you can leave it all in its original templated format and move on to your next task. The choice is yours. How good does that feel?

Preview Your Design

It’s big picture time. This is when you take a step back and look over your linesheet with fresh eyes, taking it all in just like a buyer would. Rearrange the pages as you see fit, backtrack and fine-tune product information if you feel the need and then sit back and admire your

Download & Send Your


All completed linesheets are stored on your dashboard in the selection titled Linesheets. Head there, and you can download and save any linesheet to your computer or email it directly to your buyers using the contacts you set up on-platform. A quick push of a button and you’ve finally delivered your products into the hands of the decision makers who have the power to help take you to the next level. What was once a dreaded job that threatened to drain your time, energy, and money is now a simple, user-friendly process that takes you from start to success in just five steps. All that’s left is to get on board and embrace the incoming orders.

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