Stop. Breathe easy. Your life just got a whole lot simpler.

How? Forget blowing your budget on a graphic designer and instead imagine a streamlined, template-based package that allows you to organize, customize and share your product collections at lightning speed. It’s stress-free, high-level functionality for bootstrapping small businesses and entrepreneurs, and it’s called Linesheets.

Line Sheet Creation That’s Faster Than a Speeding Superhero

When time is of the essence (and isn’t it always?), the Linesheets web app allows you to create bold and beautiful line sheets in record time. Thanks to state-of-the-art automation and plug-and-play functionality, it takes mere seconds to go from concept to fully realized creation.
It’s super easy:
  • Import products directly from your website for the ultimate in convenience — a feature you won’t find anywhere else
  • Edit details like price formula, sizing and overall description with the click of the mouse
  • Save your work as a PDF you can send straight to buyers and wholesalers or download and save

Customize Your Line Sheet to Fit Your Brand

You’re nothing like the rest. You’re better. You’re bolder. You’ve launched a business intended to turn heads and now your line sheets can be just as memorable. Start with our professionally crafted templates as a guideline, pick a layout you love, then give the design your personal stamp.
  • Tailor the font color, typeface and sizing to echo your branding and match your collection
  • Upload your logo for a personal touch
  • Rearrange your listings anytime, anywhere
  • Highlight your best selling items
  • Create compelling collections
The final result? The kind of mold-breaking magic that makes buyers sit up and take notice.

No existing website or online catalog? No problem!

With Linesheets, you can utilize our manual product uploader tool to embed photos from your phone or computer and add in key product information as needed. Our templates ensure you know exactly what info you need and where that info needs to go. Our all-in-one platform means you have total control over your line sheets — view, edit and tweak to your heart’s content, then download and send or email right from the app!

Get Expert Tips and Sell, Sell, Sell!

Learn how to present your products in a way that makes people fall in love. Eager for better conversion rates? Itching to close those leads but finding yourself struggling to describe your products and wishing your presentation was a little more, well, polished? We remove the guesswork from line sheet creation by taking you through the process each step of the way. The Linesheets app will show you what you need to include so you can sell to retail stores of all sizes. The framework is in place, the hard part is automated — all you have to do is follow along, plug in the right info in the right spots, then email the final piece directly or download your line sheet PDF and save.

Integrate Your Contact List and Streamline Communication

Send your line sheets directly to the people with the most buying power. Upload your leads to our site and send your line sheet (using your existing email address) directly to buyers — no need to switch back and forth between computer programs or fiddle with tabs and huge files. It’s yet another way we’re working to make life and business easier.

Discover the Linesheets Difference

If you want different results, you have to take a different approach. That’s where we come in.
  • Skip the tedious data entry and import your products and pictures directly from your website
  • No website? Upload product pics straight from your smartphone or computer and add details manually
  • Create line sheets you can share with confidence
  • Save money on pricey freelancers and DIY your line sheets without compromising on quality or wasting your precious free time
  • Present your products in their very best light
  • Make an impact with customized PDF line sheets — so much better than buying a blank template (we’re talking to you, competitors!)

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