August 26, 2020

Why Linesheets.com?

We’re not the only linesheet software on the market nor are we the only place you can download a linesheet template — but we are the best place for both. Why? It’s simple.

When we dreamt up this solution-based enterprise, we had one goal: figure out how to create a product sell sheet that doesn’t suck. Whatever we came up with had to look good, deliver in terms of functionality, and come together without requiring the user to earn a design degree or spend half an eternity navigating a wonky interface and fighting with some weird image overlap that refuses to listen. Who has time for that?

You’re standing exactly where we once stood, ambitious and talented and tired of stumbling over road blocks, but you have the invaluable benefit of a tool that makes it all easier. We’re serving up your next step on a silver platter. You’re giving consumers the gift of an incredible portfolio of products — the least we can do is help you show them off.

Sick of making manual linesheets? Learn more about Linesheets — the tool that makes your job easier. 

Linesheets Has the Features You Need

Jump on board with us and you’ll be happier than a toddler with an ice cream cone thanks to a ton of features and benefits that will forever change how you structure your workweek and close deals:

  • Professional LineSheet Templates. Set up your account with Linesheets and you gain access to professionally crafted templates that’ll make your products shine. These aren’t the freebies you find hanging out in the dusty corners of the internet, either — they give you the authority you need so buyers from those big-name brands will take you seriously.
  • Speed. Create sell sheets so fast your head will spin. We’ve streamlined the process and made it as user-friendly as possible — just upload, tweak, review, and then print or send. Your dazzlingly professional and downright delightful linesheet is on its way, and you haven’t lost a single one of your marbles.
  • Quality. Fast only matters if it’s also good. A poor-quality linesheet will cost you more money and connections than you can fathom. That’s why we refused to launch until we knew we could offer crisp and clean images, bold colors and stunning layouts. Quality isn’t just a part of success, it is success. Don’t settle for less.
  • Diversity. Want to create collections? You can do that with Linesheets. Selling items from multiple industries? Brand your sell sheets to reflect each niche. Have a client who loves purple? Well, you can cater to that too.
  • Customization Galore. The templates you’ll find on Linesheets.com are the best foundations a business owner can ask for, but if you feel the call of creativity it’s nice to know that you’re not locked into the provided design. Play with font color and size, twiddle with typeface, test out different background colors and rearrange your listings until the final effect feels right. This is your business, and your linesheets should reflect your artistic bent and branding in whatever ways you choose.
  • Directly Import Products. If you have a website and Linesheets, you have the ability to import your existing specs straight into our software. You can then browse through your newly created Linesheets catalog and pick and choose which products to add to each linesheet. It’s like magic, only you can replicate it time and time again and there’s no pixie dust to clean up afterwards.
  • Upload Data On Demand. Don’t have a website? Not a problem. Even brand-new startups and businesses just dipping their toes into the digital end of things can use Linesheets and create incredible documents thanks to our product uploader. Send photos from your smartphone to our software with a quick tap then fill in the relevant data as you see fit. Then, that automated magic will kick in, generate a business sell sheet that’s nothing short of pristine.
  • Click, send, sell. Simple, push-button functionality that allows you to share your finished product sell sheet instantaneously? Yes, please. Built-in email services allow you to send your linesheets directly to the people with the buying power. You can also print and share, which is ideal when you’re headed off to a trade show or client meeting.
  • Save Money. Hire a freelance assistant to outline all your products and you’ll probably spend $100 an hour. Hire a graphic designer to create your linesheets and you’ll at least double your hourly investment — and you’ll pay that much every time you need to make a change or swap out products when you debut a new collection. Linesheets, the professional sell sheet software, is just 24.99 per month. You do the math — the bottom line is pretty impressive.
  • Multiple Options for Access. Pick the Linesheets plan that best suits your needs. Opt for our main plan and pay just $29.99 per month or $309.88 annually (a $50 savings when paid up front). Just need a single linesheet download? Try our one-time download option for only $99.99.
  • Free Trial. More access, more options, more customization, more creativity — it all sounds so tempting, but we understand if you want to take a peek behind the curtain before committing. That’s why we offer a free trial that includes all functionalities of the site. Test out our features, and if you love Linesheets and want to download your creation, sign up for a subscription and start selling!
  • 24/7 Support. Questions, comments, problems, middle-of-the-night guidance — we’re here for it all with round-the-clock support provided by highly trained representatives that know our software and are invested in helping you create your very own masterpiece.
  • Free Trial. Have you mentioned you can try it all out without risking a dime? We’re so confident you’re going to love what you see we’re letting you try out Linesheets for free. Have a look around. Dabble. Dream. And let us know what you think.

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The Bottom Line

Having client-ready sell sheets on hand shouldn’t be mere fantasy. Linesheets is part customization tool, part organizational enabler, part empower solution for business owners who want to do and be better. When you can make changes in seconds, personalize sell sheets for interested buyers, and tailor your template’s layout and design to reflect your brand, you’re winning in more ways than we can count.

Ready to put an end to the DIY time-suck and reclaim your sanity? Sign up for a Linesheets account today and let the wins begin.

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