September 11, 2020

Why Do I Need a LineSheet?

On the surface, creating linesheets can feel like just one more thing to add to an already overflowing to-do list. There are designs to create, layouts to choose from, edits to make … is it all really necessary?

Do I Need LineSheets for My Business?

In short … yup. Line sheets are an indispensable tool that could help you make not just your next sale but all the sales you need to scale your brand and achieve your goals today, tomorrow and for years to come.

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LineSheets Make Your Brand Competitive

Line sheets are an industry standard. That means your competitors are already using them, and they’re leaving their mark on buyers while you struggle to stay relevant through follow-up emails and calls. Which is more efficient? Knowing how to create a well-designed, informative linesheet can not only help you find and maintain footing with your business relationships — it can one-up them. Buyers make decisions in the blink of an eye, so make sure your linesheets don’t put them to sleep.

Make your linesheets prettier and more purposeful to reap the benefits. You can utilize a web-based app, like Linesheets, that facilitates quick, on-the-spot edits so you can get your updated sell sheets out in record time. You can also easily email or download your custom linesheets as needed so you’ll never feel behind or unprepared.

Sick of making manual linesheets? Learn more about Linesheets — the tool that makes your job easier. 

LineSheets Make You Look Professional

Sometimes disrupting the status quo will work in your favor — ditching linesheets is not such an occasion. Knowing how to make a quality linesheet is considered a requirement for retail sales for one simple reason: They work. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes; when faced with tons of options and limited shelf space, do you want to go with who the person who is the nicest on the phone or look at the actual products you’d be buying to see firsthand which will work for your company and customers?

Having linesheets — that you can put together quickly — proves you know what it takes to sell. You’re on top of your game and buyers can expect to see more of the same professionalism as your relationship continues. You represent a no-hassle option and that is practically priceless in a world where miscommunication and inexperience isn’t just frustrating but is a threat to a business’s success.

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LineSheets Help You Stand Out From Other Brands

The global fashion industry has a jaw-dropping market value of $385.7 billion. Imagine how many brands it takes to make up that staggering number. Now imagine how you’re going to stand out. Buyers are often industry veterans and they’ve seen it all. You want to stand out but only for the right reasons.

Of course, you’re not competing with all of those brands every time you go to sell your product. You may have a different audience, aesthetic or price point, but if you’re big enough to capture ample market share to make money, you’re big enough to get lost in the crowd. That’s where a high-quality linesheet can save the day.

Line sheets are a lot like resumes and websites. Your audience has limited time and they’ll most likely do a quick scan before deciding if it’s worth a deeper look. One study found that recruiters only spend six seconds reviewing a resume before they decide whether it goes in the keep pile or the garbage can.

So what can your linesheet say in six seconds? A whole lot, actually. From your logo to your layout to the quality and clarity of your photos and snippets of well-organized information, the details you include on your linesheet are crucial.

Organize your information in a way that’s easy to scan and looks nice — you’re already standing head and shoulders above everyone who settled for something subpar. Why struggle with which specs to include when there are pro resources available?

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Quality LineSheets Leave a Lasting Impression

Line sheets speak for you when you’re not around to do the talking. Line sheets come in handy in a number of common situations:

  • When you’ve already had a face-to-face meeting and you need something tangible to leave behind
  • When you’re not in the same city or country as a buyer and a physical meeting is impossible
  • When you’re attending a conference or convention and a business card just isn’t enough to sell your pitch

To make the process cheaper, easier and faster, you can use linesheets as a tool to emphasize certain products or collections while you’re pitching as well as a way to follow up. When you use an app like Linesheets that allows you to quickly edit your linesheet, you can respond to buyer requests or tweak a layout to reflect a particular retailer’s needs in no time at all. Do the buyers only want sterling silver rings with a lunar theme? You can put that together. Focusing solely on summer accessories? You can create a linesheet collection for that, too.

Creating a LineSheet Is Not as Hard as You Think

There are a ton of benefits to well-designed linesheets but perhaps the biggest is that they pack an insanely huge bang for your buck — especially if you learn how to make them for less money in less time. If you sell a product via any forum other than your own store, the bottom line is you need a linesheet. Why not make yours using a web-based app that does the hard work for you?

To streamline your linesheet creation and catapult your business to the next level, sign up for Linesheets and get your products in front of decision-makers ASAP.

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