August 26, 2020

How to Use LineSheet Templates to Make More Sales

Pretty rarely means perfect. Beauty isn’t even always the first thing we look for in a product — practicality and function are high on the list, too — but when you’re trying to convince a buyer to place a big order, looks do play a crucial role.

You’ve already hemmed and hawed over your product, consulted with experts and decided you’re ready for market. It’s only fair that you compose your presentation with the same what informationcare and attention to detail.

The answer? It’s called Linesheets, and it’s changing the face of wholesale selling for the better, one emailable PDF at a time.

Why Beautiful LineSheets Make the Difference

Flowers. The Mona Lisa. A clear blue sky. A baby with a huge, toothless smile. Why are we attracted to pretty things? Researchers have dug into that question more and more over the last few years, with one study finding that our brains actually reward us for looking at pretty things. When we gaze upon an A-list movie star or model who we find attractive, our brain starts firing neurons in ways we’re only beginning to comprehend.

Of course, all that is still conjecture backed by the findings of a few scientists, but the concept makes so much sense. It also closely ties back to the subject at hand: linesheets. Buyers are drawn to good-looking linesheets because, in addition to making their brains buzz, those sell sheets indicate that something amazing is in store. A messy presentation is a major turnoff, but learning how to make a linesheet that’s engaging, professional and appealing from first glance to last look is how you get big-fish retailers on the hook so you can reel them in.

Are your DIY linesheets less than beautiful? Learn more about Linesheets — the tool that makes your job easier.

LineSheet Templates Make Life (And Sales) Easier

At their core, linesheets are intended to display key information like product size, collection availability and payment details so buyers know what they’re getting into before committing to an order. But how you display that information is just as vital as the information itself.

Look at your linesheet and ask yourself:

  • Are you bombarding buyers with too much information at once or is there enough white space to let eyes rest?
  • Have you crammed unrelated products onto one page just because or is there a method to your madness?
  • Which specs are you including? Which specs are you leaving out?
  • Are those specs legible or running into each other to create an inedible word salad?
  • How do your fonts work together? Are you using one consistent font or are you waffling between six different options?
  • How are your colors, images and dividers?

There are endless ways to customize a linesheet. And when you’re starting from scratch, all those choices add up to one thing: the likelihood that you’re going to make a mess.

And it’s not your fault. You’re as determined and hardworking as they come. You’re an entrepreneurial powerhouse. You have skills galore, they just might not be Photoshop and graphic design  — or maybe you do have those skills but lack the time or desire to fiddle with the layout until things look just right.

That’s okay. In fact, that’s why we’re here, too.

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Make Something Lovely with Linesheets

Linesheets is a game-changing app that lives online, meaning you don’t have to download anything or switch between devices to work on your projects. That’s already a big, bold check in the plus column, right?

More importantly, Linesheets uses linesheet templates as the very foundation of the entire program, and every layout customizable to meet your needs and target aesthetic. Think of each linesheet design template as a little black dress; it’s bewitching as is, but it’s so classic that you won’t stand out until you start accessorizing with small touches like a belt, earrings, a great pair of stilettos and the right shade of lipstick.

The base is already there — it’s up to you to make it your own with any of these customizations:

  • Create collections that organize your products according to buyer needs, season, trends, etc.
  • Play around with images
  • Incorporate branding, including your logo and color scheme
  • Use the template to decide what specs to include or adjust to better highlight your product’s top features
  • Add a cover sheet to make your lookbook as eye-catching as possible
  • Swap out layouts to see which one has the most impact

How LineSheet Software Can Save Your Life (or At Least Your Business)

Creating a product sell sheet from scratch is a near-torturous experience. So many moving parts, so many opportunities for error, and so common to finally muddle through the whole mess only to discover you’ve made a…. well…. mess.

Unless you’re into collecting half-finished drafts and watching in vain as your business stalls and frustration piles up, it’s time to a consider an alternative to the labor-intensive, time-consuming nonsense that traditional sell sheet creation.

According to four out of five Universal LineSheet Judges (okay, that’s not really a thing, but it should be), the right linesheet software <coughcoughLINESHEETScoughcough> can help you:

  • Streamline operations, taking you from disjointed sales meetings to closing deals without significantly restructuring how you do business
  • Protect your budget from needless expenses such as pricey photo-editing packages, graphic design software, and revenue lost because of unexpected lag time between consumer requests and linesheet production
  • Alleviate the stress associated with creating multiple linesheets and memorizing industry-specific needs
  • Make the dirty work easier so you can get back to what you do best
  • Fuel a new product launch or promotion or amp up an existing marketing campaign by refocusing attention on specific products or collections and better presenting key attributes

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but the draw of an expertly concocted linesheet is practically universal. With Linesheets, a beautiful sell sheet is only a few clicks away. Ready to explore? Sign up today and take advantage of our free trial!

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