August 26, 2020

How to Make a LineSheet for Electronics

Ok, so you already know how to make a linesheet. But electronics are different. Here’s where things get interesting — and increasingly complex. Electronic devices don’t customarily come in multiple colors and it’s doubtful you’re carrying DVD players in five different sizes, but what you do have is a long list of product specs that every buyer will want to see.

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How to Make an Electronics LineSheet

Making a linesheet for electronics isn’t all that different from a regular linesheet, but it does require more specific information. Forgetting certain specs is the last thing you want to do.

Making a LineSheet for a Computer

For a computer, you’ll need to include information about any or all of the following:

  • Operating system
  • Screen size and resolution
  • Overall unit dimensions
  • Processor model and speed
  • Memory
  • Graphics card
  • Hard drive
  • Storage type and total capacity
  • Number of expansion spots
  • Networking capabilities
  • Accessories included

Other features such as touch-screen capability and pre-loaded software could help sway a buyer and should be included when possible.

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Making a LineSheet for a TV

For a TV, your list might look more like this:

  • Screen size
  • Overall dimensions
  • Display type
  • Resolution
  • Smart platform
  • HDR status
  • Refresh rate
  • Manufacturer-specific technology
  • Number and type of inputs
  • Accessories included

You may also need to address things like device compatibility, whether the television can be wall mounted, if it features a built-in voice assistant, if the screen is curved, and power stats, such as estimated annual operating cost and whether the unit is ENERGY STAR certified.

Now, imagine all those specs shoved into a single block of text. It’s a surefire way to discourage buyers and scuttle a sale before it even has a chance to take off. Lay out technical aspects in a clean, uniform manner and customers can quickly scan sheet after sheet, expanding your exposure and possible boosting your revenue.



Photo credit: Marko Subotin/Shutterstock.com

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