September 11, 2020

5 Benefits of Using a LineSheet Maker

You’re a go-getter, a DIY master — someone who loves learning new things and putting those skills to use. But you’re also a business owner, and your time is no longer strictly your own. Creating linesheets from scratch is an option, but using a linesheet maker is quite possibly the smartest play you can make. Why? It’s all about reaping benefits that will help your bottom line bloom not just today but for years down the road.

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5 Benefits of Using a LineSheet Maker

Time is precious, and your time shouldn’t be spent creating different versions of the same linesheet over and over again. Learn more about the benefits of using a linesheet maker for your business. Here are 5 pros to using linesheet software:

1. You Save Time and Money

Did you know that the average person spends more than 13 years of their life working? In that same time p, you’ll only log 328 days hanging out with your friends. The point is that your time is precious, and dedicating long hours to learning how to create a linesheet using a design program just doesn’t make sense.

The other issue is money. Launching a business requires a certain amount of capital, but as you’ve likely already discovered, the well often runs dry faster than expected. Even if you still have your nest egg tucked away for safekeeping, you’d like it to stay that way. A professional graphic designer could cost you $50/hour or more. Contracting a freelancer for four hours of product uploads and coordinating descriptions could land you with a $200 bill.

Use a linesheet maker and you’ll have access to sell sheet templates via a monthly subscription that costs less than dinner out at your local Italian joint. And the results will last way longer than that delicious bowl of penne.

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2. Know What You Can and Can’t Skip

It’s tempting to pile everything you love about your product into your linesheet, but sell sheet design is as much an art as it is a science. What you don’t include is just as important as what you do include, and it’s remarkably easy to get swept up in the excitement and wind up with a finished product that’s so stuffed with specs it’s practically unreadable.

On the flip side, you could unknowingly send off your sheet to a buyer incomplete. That’s not a good look, and it’s likely the buyer will move onto the next vendor rather than ask you to clarify anything.

The Linesheets web-based app includes templates with slots for key details. You can always make adjustments, but starting off with a roadmap keeps you focused and helps you adhere to industry standards without succumbing to assumptions.

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3. Get Professional Results Every Time

Line sheets are the norm. Buyers expect them, and they want them to be formatted in a certain way. Nothing says “I’m a newbie” quicker than sending over a messy DIY flyer that looks like you drew it up in 20 minutes using clip art and Microsoft Word. You never get a second chance to make a first impression so ask yourself: what are your linesheets saying about you?

Experts say people make a snap judgment about strangers in just a tenth of a second. Literally as quickly as you can blink, someone has decided whether you’re trustworthy or not, if they like you and even if they think you’re competent or attractive. Of course, most of the time a buyer is looking at your linesheet rather than staring into your baby blues, but the principle is the same: How you come across on paper could make or break your deal.

Use a linesheet maker to generate professional, eye-catching sale sheets that look incredible at first glance and still hold up under scrutiny. That’s how you turn an opportunity into a long-lasting, fruitful business relationship.

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4. Share Your LineSheets Instantly

If you choose to make your own linesheets using generic software, you’ll be left with a finished product and no avenue with which to easily share it. In other words, you’re all dressed up for the ball and your pumpkin is still a big ole pumpkin. You can download it, open your email utility, find the saved file, then attach it to an email and send — or you can use Linesheets and take advantage of its built-in email function, which allows you to use your existing address without exiting the app or going file hunting.

Every minute of time you save is a minute you can reallocate somewhere else, and those minutes add up quick.

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Create Up-to-Date LineSheets In No Time

If there’s one thing you can count on in the retail industry, it’s the pervasive culture of change. If you’re a designer, your ever-churning mind is continuously coming up with new ideas begging to be realized. The public catches wind of a new trend and it’s up to you to respond. Retailers need stock to satisfy a specific category. Your supplier runs out of your go-to fabrics and you have to make a switch. No matter the problem, one thing is sure: you’ll have to respond, fast.

All of those circumstances require alterations to your existing product specs and that means updating multiple linesheets. Editing one bullet point to read “blush” instead of “peony pink” seems like child’s play, but if you’re designing freeform or relying on a third party, you’re facing more frustration, more fees, more lost time and more hurdles between you and your next sale.

With a custom linesheet maker, you can make edits and either send or print out your updated sheet in mere minutes. You’ll never have to run off to a meeting or head to a conference with outdated material again, and that is professionalism at its finest.

Get your next linesheet project in gear by signing up for Linesheets today. Have questions? Drop us a line or check out the blog to find answers.

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