September 11, 2020

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Sell Sheet Web Application

The world is full of mobile apps and software options, each choice vying for your attention. When you start looking at linesheet makers, you’ll find a few different alternatives. Most take the shape of a mobile app, piece of independent software or web-based app, but how’s a time-strapped entrepreneur supposed to decide?

The truth is, each format has its own pros and cons, but in the end, web-based linesheet apps offer the most functionality with the fewest drawbacks. If you’ve been searching for an easy way to take your linesheet creation on-the-go but still want to work at your desk when the opportunity calls for it, you’ve come to the right place.

4 Reasons You Need a Sell Sheet Web Application

Still not totally convinced? Check out these four reasons why using a web-based app for your linesheets is essential:

1. You’ll Get Widespread Access on Multiple Platforms

Mobile apps are fun and convenient but cross your fingers (and toes) if you ever decide to switch to a device with a new operating system. Mobile apps are designed with a targeted platform in mind and they must be downloaded and installed on a specific device. The app you love on iOS may not exist for Android and vice versa. So you’ll either be stuck with your old phone or have to say “bye-bye” to an app you spent time and money on customizing for your needs.

There’s also the issue of accessibility. It’s easy to give your phone a quick tappity-tap-tap and bring up your linesheet app, but what happens when you want to show your staff your latest creation or give your tired eyes a break from graham cracker-sized screens? You can’t always transfer work from a mobile app to your desktop computer, and that can be a major problem.

Web-based apps exist much in the same way as a regular website in that you view them using an internet browser and they’ll adapt to your device as necessary, so you can see what you’re doing regardless of if you’re on a Samsung phone or an iPad. Choose a web-based app and your linesheets are universally accessible. If you have access to a web browser and internet connection, you can look at sell sheet templates, work on your own sheets, send finished designs to clients and so on.

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2. You’ll Spend Less Time Installing and Maintaining Apps

Because mobile apps and traditional software live on your personal device, you’re responsible for keeping them up to date. You also have to have room on your device to house the app and all its associated data; for most people that won’t be a problem, but if you have a lot of pictures, music files or other apps already taking up real estate, space may be at a premium.

Web-based apps are housed on a separate server and it’s up to the developer to push out updates. Sign in and the tweaks are already in place. Not only that, the upgrades are performed by a professional — a far cry from software updates that ask you to make decisions you might feel unprepared to make.

Developer-managed upgrades also translate into a better user experience. On any given day, you may sign in to find yourself pleasantly surprised by a handful of new linesheet templates or a video guide on how to create a product sell sheet. Web-based apps expand at the whim of their creators because they don’t need permission from you or access to your device to ratchet up functionality. As the ideas come, the app grows and you have more opportunities for growth, too.

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3. You’ll Save (In More Ways Than One)

Did you know the following stats?

  • 27 percent of small businesses have no in-house IT support
  • 92 percent of small businesses use at least one cloud-based solution to manage operations
  • Small businesses that use cloud solutions find their workloads decrease by a minimum of 42 percent

As a solopreneur or entrepreneur, you might relate … a little too much. Those statistics make it clear that most startups and smaller enterprises don’t have the time or resources to deal with software snafus, which is why so many are turning to cloud-based or web-based options to streamline operations and makes linesheet creation much simpler.

If you’re trying to work with multiple desktop applications, you may experience lags because each piece of software has to request data from the others in order to complete a command. If you want to import a photo, that can take a moment or two. If you need help, you’ll either spend time waiting for customer support to walk you through a fix or you’re calling in costly outside tech assistance just so you can get back to work.

All that unnecessary nonsense drains your funds, your time and worst of all, it drains you. Why subject yourself and your team to all the drama when Linesheets is such an attractive alternative?

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4. You’ll Have Increased Flexibility

Work wherever you want to work. Give up being tied to a desk editing and sending linesheets on the spot. Instead, you can make a quick edit in line at the grocery store, standing with a prospect in the middle of the convention floor or in an office trying to seal the deal. Start off with a done-for-you sell sheet template, then add your own touches until the final document reflects your branding and vision. You also have the option to put together multiple templates, separate collections using dividers and add a cover sheet to tie it all together.

There are so many options with the Linesheets web-based app — all you have to do is sign up and work with an open mind.

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