September 11, 2020

4 Reasons Buyers Prefer Linesheets’ Templates

It only takes a minute or two of Googling to see that we’re not the only source of linesheet designs on the internet. On the other hand, it’ll only take you a quick read through this blog to find out why we’re the best.

That kind of confidence didn’t crop up overnight. The entire Linesheets team is thrilled to offer a web-based app that revolutionizes the business of wholesale selling, and we’re sure it works because buyers are ordering up our clients’ products by the truckload — literally.

Here’s why Linesheets templates are buyer preferred time and time again:

1. They Look Phenomenal

People, in general, like to look at pretty things, but that seems to be especially true of buyers who face a seemingly interminable pile of linesheets that range from mind-numbingly boring to those packed with so many bells and whistles they’re practically indecipherable. It’s exhausting.

Buyers love Linesheets’ templates because they’re aesthetically pleasing in the most professional way possible. No superfluous curly cues or emoticons. No scattered formatting that’s more of an outrage than an outline. Just a delightful document that’s enjoyable to read, and that can truly make a buyer’s day.

Sick of sending out generic sell sheets? Learn more about Linesheets — the tool that makes your linesheets beautiful.

2. They’re Effective

Yes, pretty is important, but details are paramount. There are certain things a buyer needs to know before they can decide between onboarding your product or sending you to the “better luck next time” stack. Your linesheets should include the following information:

  • Product name
  • Product ID or SKU
  • Wholesale price
  • Suggested retail price
  • Sizes available
  • Color options
  • Order minimums
  • Payment terms
  • Shipping information
  • Restrictions on availability (if any)
  • Refund/return/cancellation policies

Templates ensure all those points are present and accounted for and that they’re displayed in a way that’s easy to skim. Rather than spending valuable time scouring page after page to find out whether a blouse is available in cream or just black and gray, that information is front and center — plus, it’s associated with the product it relates to. Boom.

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3. They’re Memorable

If you’re new to the world of linesheets, you’d be forgiven for thinking that blending in with the big guys is a good thing. After all, if your sell sheets look like the ones produced by your competitors, you’re keeping pace, right? Not necessarily.

Buyers may automatically pause to review a linesheet with a name brand attached, but you’ll need something extra. You can’t use one of those free linesheet templates strewn all over the internet and expect to make an impact. You have more to prove but you also have more creativity with which to make that impact — so do it.

Linesheets’ retail linesheets are easy to customize. Make changes to reflect a certain collection. Shape your linesheet in such a way that it perfectly straddles the line between basic and brash. Whatever change you want to make, the fact is that you can, and that’s not true of all templates.

Linesheets makes your business memorable to buyers who see a million would-be winners a day, and that makes their jobs that much less stressful to accomplish.

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4. They Level the Playing Field

You might feel like name brands already have the edge. It may even feel futile trying to view for the same shelf space currently being chased after by companies with resources far more expansive than your own. But here’s the thing: buyers don’t automatically want the products with the most noteworthy celebrity backing or from the purveyor with the deepest pockets — they want the products that will sell best to their target audience. Period.

Linesheets’ templates showcase products so beautifully, it almost stops mattering where they come from. Buyers have a straightforward, painless way to gain a true understanding of their options so they can make an informed decision as to which order will deliver the best ROI. Shoppers don’t always want another sweater from the same brand they’ve always worn or a cuff bracelet that thousands of other women are also sporting. There’s a reason why so many fast-fashion megacorps are filing for bankruptcy.

Boutique brands stand a chance when they go to bat armed with a brilliantly crafted linesheet designs, and that helps buyers diversify their inventory, bring in new patrons and give existing customers a new reason to whip out their credit cards.

When you use product linesheet templates from Linesheets to introduce your products to buyers, you’re not only giving yourself an advantage, you’re also hand-delivering a gift-wrapped win to buyers of all tastes and sizes. That’s why Linesheets stands head and shoulders above the rest.


Understanding The Buyer’s Point of View

Becky is a buyer for a major department store. She’s the gatekeeper, the decision maker, the Gandalf — without her okay, you and your products shall not pass.

Becky’s also ridiculously busy. Every day she walks into work only to find a few dozen voicemails demanding her attention. The mail delivery comes and with it a giant, three-foot stack of lookbooks and catalogs. It’s Becky’s job to sift through that stack and figure out what to buy. There haven’t been any studies assessing how much time a buyer spends on each vendor submission, but check this out: on average, employers spend just six seconds reading a resume. Six seconds. Buyers are just as time-strapped, if not more. They’re not poring over every detail or whiling away the afternoon casually leafing through your entire collection. They’re scanning, and they’re scanning at lightning speed.

So, how can you stand out?

Becky’s looking for answers, and these are her questions:

  • Why you? What about your brand is so special and what can you give me that all your competitors can’t?
  • Is this a new collection or are most of the items evergreen?
  • What products should I care about? More importantly, what will my customers buy?
  • Can I get a range of sizes and colors?
  • Can I see more necklaces?
  • What do you have that’s bohemian chic?
  • How many do I need to order? How many can I order?
  • What’s your pricing — both wholesale and recommended retail?
  • What’s the deal with shipping?

When you’re creating a linesheet, you’re not really making it for yourself, you’re making it for your customers. Build a business sell sheet that conveys information cleanly. Make it scannable. Make it pretty. Abandon cutesy fonts and resist the urge to overstuff your sheets with long-winded stories and useless specs. Remove the guesswork. Double down on quality with clean, well-edited photos and concise copy. Serve up confidence and professionalism in spades.

Win by giving buyers exactly what they need via linesheets that stand out from the crowd. It truly is that simple.

The Bottom Line

Take the unofficial Linesheets challenge! Sign up today and see what you can work up with our amazing templates. We bet your buyers will be as thrilled as you are.

All things being equal, buyers go for the linesheets that look great, deliver all the necessary information and don’t make their eyes groan in anguish due to a mishmash of colors, fonts and clip art graphics rescued from the obscurity by a click-happy amateur designer. Be better — you know you can.

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