September 11, 2020

3 Ways to Use a Product Sell Sheet Template

Sell sheet templates are like a GPS for your sales campaign. They help you understand what data to include and how to lay it all out to ensure everything is both scannable and informative. Without a template, you’re either faced with the seemingly insurmountable task of wrangling together a linesheet from scratch or outsourcing the task altogether — which your budget won’t care for.

So yeah, sell sheet templates are an insanely powerful tool, but how can you use them to cast your inventory in the best possible light?

3 Ways to Utilize Product Sell Sheet Templates

Did you know there’s more than one way to use a sell sheet template? If you’ve been using them for a single purpose, then you’re missing out on the possibilities. Check out these three ways to get more out of your linesheets templates:

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1. Highlight a Single Product

Whether you’re a single-product brand built around one superstar option or launching a new product you can’t wait to share with vendors, a linesheet that focuses on one item may be your best bet. Here are three benefits to using a linesheet to highlight a single product:

  • It doesn’t have to share the spotlight. Use a single-product layout and you’ll make it very clear where buyers should focus their attention. Single-product linesheets are ideal for pushing high-profit products or introducing your latest masterpiece without competing with the other items from your catalog.
  • It has more room for descriptions. The single-product template offers the most per-product real estate. Instead of paring down your words, you’ll have space to include all the detail you feel buyers would benefit from knowing. Describe how you hand-carved the pendant yourself or how you sourced the wood for your new limited-edition coffee table — these details go along way, but with a multi-product sell sheet, there usually isn’t any room for them. Take advantage of open space!
  • It can feature multiple images. You can also use some of that extra real estate to post several views of your product. Rather than simply describing your custom clasp, show it. Let buyers see the detail of a filigree chain or the hookups for your revamped gaming system.

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2. Create a Collection

Sometimes products are better when presented as part of a group — or at least easier to sell en masse. Instead of focusing on a single product, you can send buyers a curated collection that centers on almost anything you can think of:

  • Color: Tell a color story with products linked by Pantone color of the year or themed red, white, and blue to align with retailers’ Fourth of July promotions.
  • Style: When a buyer says they’re disappointingly low on anklet inventory or they need more clothes that fit the criteria of “bohemian chic,”, answer the call with a collection assembled just for this purpose.
  • Vision: If you’re an independent designer, chances are you put together your newest collection because it represents a time, place, and/or emotion that’s important to you. Announce your creations with pride via a linesheet that tells that story through a series of products, images and descriptions. Make your linesheet your coming-out party in an imminently sharable and impactful format.
  • Season: This could be a collection of items for the holidays or for spring or fall. When pitching to stores with seasonal inventory or feature special marketing pushes for capsule collections or seasonality, these mini compilations could be your ticket to quick but impressive sales in a short amount of time.
  • Room/Use/Purpose: Group your products according to their functionality. If you sell home goods, you can create a bathroom collection that allows retailers to imagine how they would set up and market a similar display on their end. If you sell makeup, you could put together a “night out” collection with everything the end-user needs for a smoky eye and standout lip.

Make your collection stand out even more by including a cover sheet that tells buyers why these products have been gathered together. Sometimes you can let the collection speak for itself; sometimes buyers need a little nudge to understand your vision.

You can group together several collections, too. Perhaps you want to send all your sterling silver jewelry to a new prospect but also group those products by subcategories such as bracelets, rings, and pendants or chandelier earrings, studs and hoops. Use cover sheets and dividers paired with templates to guide readers along as they check out your products and envision how it could all come together on store shelves.

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3. Respond to Buyer Requests

Perhaps one of the most advantageous things about learning how to use a linesheet maker is that you can respond to buyer queries with unparalleled speed. No reprinting an entire catalog because a buyer only wants to look at red shoes. No resorting to dog-earing pages (super professional, right?) for a makeshift way to tailor your pitch on the fly. No frantically flipping through a product-heavy book to try and find what you’re looking for while the buyer waits. Just make a new linesheet each time … with ease!

The Bottom Line

With the Linesheets web-based app, you can create, edit, download and/or send a customized sell sheet in mere minutes. Integrated connectivity allows for easy product population while expertly crafted linesheet templates make it easy to whip up a brand-new sheet on demand. And, by hosting the app on the web rather than forcing mobile downloads, you can work on your masterpiece from almost any device anywhere in the world as long as you’ve got an internet connection and a moment to spare.

Linesheets are essentially targeted ads that convey the best aspects of your product concisely, beautifully and effectively. Learning how to sell smarter — not harder — could be just what you need to leave doubt behind and score your next sale.

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